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Banking Solutions

We offer our clients with award-winning, advanced and complete banking & financial solutions that meet their growing requirements. Our flexible banking solutions contain mobile banking, agency banking, virtual banking, anti-money laundering etc.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber threats are rising in size and frequency, we know the importance of cybersecurity. We support organizations in finding, applying, and handling cybersecurity solutions built on the ecology of planned associates and providing top qualified services.

Online Accounting

Accment is Government approved online accounting software that lets you send invoices, receipts, bill preparation, asset valuation, document management, day-book, bookkeeping and several features which can be customized according to your company.

CASA Onboarding

Since retail clients to high -net -worth stockholders and commercial customers alike, banking and investment management has arrived a new modest time where client facility and handling the client involvement are strong differentiation – vital for success.

Secure Email Certificates

An email scam is usual in today’s commercial modern era. We frequently hear about new email cheats that are enthusiastic to increasing access to isolated info, fake communications, steal characters and otherwise preserve fake actions.

Ethical Hacking

Administrations are incessantly stressed to strengthen their network security to avoid any kind of cyber-attacks. There are a number of administrations that cannot retrieve or protected their location in the marketplace after cyber-attacks.

SSL Certificate

Divya Technology complete service and support plans are key to our assurance to offer clients the industry’s largest set of identity-based products and facilities—all with the goal of correctly safeguarding digital personalities and info.

Incentive Management

Incentive management is an organization system in which workers are given exact incentives for finishing full tasks or goals. The determination of incentive management is to keep staffs extremely involved to achieve well or meet converted business goals.

Network Switching System

Switches can be a valued advantage to networking. Inclusive, they can grow the volume and rapidity of your network. Switching solutions assist the routing, trans coding and extra corporate wants of worldwide telecom operatives and carriers.

Authentication / Access control

Two-factor verification is now vital to secure administrations’ sensitive statistics. Enterprises are executing mobile assignation policies as they realize a huge probable to improve their business events and advance relations with their clients and staffs.

Business Support System

Business Support System – stages used by facility providers, customer management, billing and order managing applications for the telecom sector. BSS stages are often connected to OSS platforms to care for the complete distribution of facilities to clients.

Penetration Testing

Risk and Obedience are fetching even extra planned and professional critics. Required business rules and administration legislature make it progressively difficult for organizations to converted entirely submissive and audit-ready to ease risks.

Managed Services

The digitization of all businesses and domains has positioned a massive load on IT sections in the most association. struggling to keep up with client requirements and interior structure topics, organizations are rotating to managed IT services providers.

Mobile Finance Solutions

Cross ways the world, financial services are feeling gigantic modification. Mobile is the intermediate for the new period. Mobile finance solutions offer numerous occasions for some industries like banks, retailers, telecom companies, and several more.

Lead Management

Lead Management recognizes, achieves and adjusts the combination of lead sources and channels to yield more skilled leads, advanced conversion rates and the finest return on asset for your advertising efforts. Quickly identify the newest leads.

Collections Management

If you’re similar maximum industries, you give thousands of dollars a year on software like CRM or ERP to support you bring in more leads and close extra promises, but what about the rest of the process? Collection value isn’t just about how to advance the process.

Digital Lending

Banks are facing bigger rivalry. Earlier, banks were the only providers of loans to persons and to minor industries. Nowadays, however, troublesome investors such as mobile cash providers offer loans over mobile phones and compete directly with banks.

Cyber Law Consulting

The speedy progress of the internet and E-Commerce has made the Information Technology division as one of the fastest rising sectors over the previous era and Information Technology has become a vital part in today's commercial situation.


GR8WAYS is made to give you solo point management of your network, release you from disjointed network management and messy structure. No additional device packs in so ample control in one small package.


XgenPlus is an Enterprise Email Solution specially developed to cater customized needs of small to big enterprise across trades. its offers email solutions for the global market, supporting above 50 million users.

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